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Top 5 Distracted Driving Habits and How to Avoid Them

At South Carolina Federal Insurance Solutions, we make shopping for auto insurance convenient and affordable. Here we take on an important topic that affects almost all drivers.

Many of us have been guilty of distracted driving at one point or another, and modern technology like cell phones, in-car entertainment systems, upgraded stereo systems, and more make it harder to keep our focus on the road. Below are five quick and easy tips on avoiding distracted driving to keep yourself, your passengers, and others as safe as possible.

Limit Cell Phone Usage to an Emergency: When driving, your cell phone should only be used for an emergency. While hands-free driving technology that is found in every modern vehicle is extremely convenient, it can still cause you to miss key visual and audio clues needed to avoid an accident.

Don’t Drive Drowsy: Drowsiness is one of the leading causes of accidents in the United States. Your ability to react and make safe decisions while driving is diminished if you feel tired or are taking certain medications. Let someone else drive or call a rideshare service to reach your destination safely.

Stay Clear of Food: While it can be tempting to consume a meal while on the go, spilling food or taking your hands off the wheel to grab a bite means that your eyes are off the road and may put you and your passengers in danger. Instead, pull over for the few minutes it takes to eat your food.

Focus on Driving: Whether you have a long commute or make frequent road trips, the more time you spend in the car, the more tempting it may be to take care of other tasks like talking to your friends, text messaging, or finding a new podcast. Be smart and keep 100% of your focus on your vehicle and the others on the road.

Safety First: Protect the lives of any children in your care by utilizing age-appropriate safeguards and keep your pets clear of entry to the front seats. Secure any cargo that may move around while your vehicle in in motion. Always wear your seat belt and drive sober and drug-free.

Contact our experienced insurance advisors today to find out how safe driving behaviors can be rewarded. Depending on your individual insurance needs, multicar or multi-policy discounts, in addition to safe driver discounts, can be applied to help you save money too!

South Carolina Earthquakes

South Carolina has experienced nearly 50 earthquakes since January 20211. Although only a few of these have been felt, this is a significant increase over our normal average – just 10 to 15 per year2.

Despite the fact that approximately 70% of earthquakes in South Carolina occur in the Coastal Plain and most are centered around three areas west and north of Charleston (Ravenel-Adams Run-Hollywood, Middleton Place-Summerville, and Bowman), a major earthquake anywhere in the eastern United States could adversely affect us3.

While purchasing earthquake insurance might not be at the top of your to-do list, it might be time to start researching your options. At South Carolina Federal Insurance Solutions, we have carriers with deductibles as low as 2 – 5%. Some carriers will include earthquake coverage as part of your homeowners insurance, and others offer standalone policies. Interested in learning more about earthquake insurance? Give us a call at 833-359-0725 or email us.


Insurance Premiums on the Rise

Our team of insurance advisors keeps a close eye on what is trending in our industry. This insight helps us stay on top of items that may impact our clients and allows us to take a proactive approach in offering you available coverage options.

This year, we are seeing increases in insurance premiums across the board. Increases can happen for a number of reasons, oftentimes for circumstances outside of your control. When carriers suffer losses due to an increase in claims, they typically increase premiums to offset the costs.

For example, 2020 was the deadliest year for auto accidents in a decade, despite many carriers offering discounts for limited driving1. In 2021, the auto industry experienced a spike in used car prices and felt pressure from computer chip supply issues. We also saw a historical increase in lumber prices and an uptick in natural disasters across the country.

While we proactively shop our clients’ policies when we see abnormal rate increases, it’s important to inform us of any updates to your home and/or auto(s), as it may help lower your premiums. For example, did you recently install a new roof or windows? Have you taken a defensive driving course within the last year? Would you consider utilizing a telematics device to track your driving habits for a period of time? Have you bundled all of your insurance policies with us? (As an Insurance Solutions client, you may be eligible for a multi-policy discount, even if your policies are with different carriers.)

Have a question about your policies? Give us a call at 833-359-0725 or email us to learn more.


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