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Three Claims Your Home Insurance Would Likely Cover

Every home insurance policy has specific terms that determine what claims it covers. At South Carolina Federal Insurance Solutions, we can help you understand what types of claims your policy is likely to cover. Of course, your policy coverage is unique such that any claims reported will be adjusted for payment by your insurance carrier.

1. Fire Damage

One of the most serious risks to homes is fire, as a single fire could cause extensive damage or total loss of your home. Whether it’s a kitchen accident, electrical fault, or an external cause, fire can be almost impossibly expensive to recover from without insurance.

Home insurance policies typically cover the cost to repair or rebuild and replace lost or damaged contents if a house fire occurs, depending on the limits you purchased.

2. Slip and Fall Accidents

Suppose someone is injured while on your property, such as in a slip and fall accident; you may be held financially liable for their medical expenses and other losses. Home insurance policies usually include liability protection, which may pay legal fees and medical expenses if a non-family member is injured in or around your house.

3. Burglary

Being victimized by theft in your residence can be both violating and costly. Home insurance can’t prevent the sense of violation you may feel, but it could help replace stolen items. Depending on your policy coverages and limits, your insurance may pay to repair any damaged windows, doors, or other parts of your home during the break-in

Ensure Your Home is Protected

At Insurance Solutions, we understand homeowners’ insurance. Contact us today to ensure your home insurance coverage meets your needs. We’ll review your situation and risks and then help you find a policy that provides the coverages and limits you want.

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