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Extra Layer of Protection: Understanding Umbrella Insurance

Coverage Enhancement with Umbrella Insurance

In the beautiful state of South Carolina, living life to the fullest demands a comprehensive protection plan. Umbrella insurance enhances the coverage levels of your existing policies, and at South Carolina Federal Insurance Solutions, we can help you understand your options.

Understanding Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is a unique product that offers an extra layer of liability protection in addition to the coverage already provided by your existing insurance policies. It is triggered only after the coverage of the other policies has been exhausted. Umbrella insurance may add coverage that your underlying policies don’t! Imagine it as your safeguard on a rainy day, just  like carrying an umbrella.

The Assurance Umbrella Insurance Brings

When purchasing insurance policies for your home, or boat, most people hope that they never have to use them. However, if an accident occurs, you pay your deductible and trust that the coverage you bought will handle any claims made.

But what if the coverage isn’t sufficient? What if you’re involved in a car accident and the other driver sues you for damages above your primary liability limits? Lawsuits are common in our society and can be very costly. If you’re found to be at fault, you’d be financially liable for the difference, putting you at risk of losing everything you’ve worked for over the years. This realization underscores the peace of mind umbrella insurance can provide, knowing that you have more coverage.

Discovering Your Options

Our experienced independent insurance advisors can review your current policies and help you understand the available coverage options offered by an umbrella policy. We can explain what it covers and what it doesn’t so that you can decide if it’s worth buying in your situation.

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

South Carolina Federal Insurance Solutions is committed to helping property owners meet their insurance needs. Insurance products like umbrella insurance can help add an extra layer of protection to your existing home insurance policy. To learn more about this or other insurance products, please reach out to us.

Umbrella Insurance Protection

Umbrella insurance is an added layer of liability protection that picks up where your home insurance leaves off. On a regular basis, many homeowners policies offer adequate protection for your home and property, however, in certain circumstances, you may find that you need more coverage than your home insurance provides.

It’s important to know the terms and conditions associated with your home insurance policy. For example, if your child or a pet accidentally injures someone else or damages their property, you may not have enough homeowners liability coverage to pay for their medical or property bills. It is at this point that umbrella insurance would kick in and provide additional funds to help in a potentially expensive situation.

This scenario outlines why it’s so important to understand the terms and conditions of your insurance policies, including umbrella insurance. Our experienced advisors can explain the fine print associated with each policy to help you understand what the insurance does and does not cover. We can assist you with the submission of documentation to obtain coverage and support you with any changes that happen during the life of the policy.

Reach Out Today

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of having umbrella insurance protection or any of the range of products and services we currently offer, call us today at (833) 359-0725 to get started. We’re available to help you select insurance coverages that can help safeguard your financial assets when something unexpected happens.

Three things that might surprise you about umbrella insurance coverage

It’s important you to know about umbrella insurance since this type of insurance coverage can be a significant tool for your financial security. South Carolina Federal Insurance Solutions can help you understand how this coverage can help safeguard your current lifestyle.

The following are three things that might surprise you about umbrella insurance coverage.

You don’t have to be extremely wealthy to benefit from umbrella insurance.

Umbrella insurance is often associated with the wealthy. However, this coverage is beneficial to anyone who wants to protect their financial assets from life’s unexpected events.

If your net worth is higher than the maximum coverage limits on your home or auto insurance policies, you may need a higher level of liability insurance.

Umbrella insurance coverage doesn’t directly protect your belongings.

Umbrella insurance is a type of insurance that covers liability expenses only. You will never be compensated by your umbrella insurance policy for damage to your personal belongings.

You can’t simply buy umbrella insurance instead of auto insurance and home insurance.

Umbrella insurance policies exist to protect you and your family when you’ve exceeded the limits on your existing auto and/or homeowners policies. This coverage can pay for claims that may be excluded by other liability policies.

Reach Out To Us

For a free quote or additional information about umbrella insurance call an Insurance Solutions advisor today.

Do I Need Umbrella Insurance?

There are so many things in life that are uncertain, including the fact that your dog could bite a neighbor or a guest slips down by your pool or patio. Insurance coverage protects us against many incidents; however, auto and home insurance policies may not provide enough coverage in the event you are held liable for another’s injuries, emotional distress, property destruction, or legal expenses. Umbrella insurance provides coverage for claims that may be excluded by other liability policies.

To find out if you need umbrella insurance, call your trusted advisors at Insurance Solutions.

What is Umbrella Insurance? 

Personal umbrella coverage exists to protect you and your family when you’ve exceeded the limits on your existing auto and/or homeowners policy. Consider this scenario: You’re sued and found liable for $1 million in damages for an incident on your property yet your homeowners insurance policy only covers $400,000 of liability. Do you have the remaining $600,000 in your bank account? Most people cannot afford that kind of judgment. An umbrella policy would cover the remaining amount without putting your assets at risk.

Do You Need Umbrella Insurance? 

When deciding if you need an umbrella insurance policy or not, you need to look at your assets and financial situation. You can select a limit of liability that best protects your assets, usually up to $5 million. Do you own a boat, a motorcycle, or an RV. Umbrella insurance is not just for wealthy individuals. It’s for anyone who wants to protect the lifestyle they’ve worked so hard to build – including you!

For additional information about umbrella insurance in South Carolina, call Insurance Solutions today. Our advisors can review your particular situation and help you decide on the options available to safeguard your lifestyle.

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