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“What if” Insurance for Small Businesses That Visit Customers

When your business involves visiting homes or businesses to provide services, you need commercial insurance to cover your work and any liability that’s involved with your services as a plumber, cleaner, or even caterer. At South Carolina Federal Insurance Solutions, we are able to provide insurance plans to help businesses protect their financial assets during off-premise customer interactions.

When It Happens to You, You Need Coverage

You may have seen movies where the comedy involved a series of accidents that made you laugh, but when it happens in real life, there’s often liability for damages caused by unfortunate situations. For example, if you’re a photographer, and you knock over and break a valuable item while repositioning yourself or your equipment, somebody’s paying for it. The cost to replace it could exceed the bill for your services. Insurance can help offset your liability from unexpected occurrences.

The Range of “What Ifs” Can Be Extensive

Again, let’s look at a comedy and see how it can become a tragedy for your small business. Imagine a beautiful ice sculpture as part of a catering display. While you’re off in the kitchen preparing meals for an event, it melts. Water goes everywhere and causes shorts in the electrical wiring that is temporarily run under the table.

In a movie, following that might be fire, damage to valuable electronics in use, or someone being insured by slipping down, and more. In reality, who knows? And, don’t forget that your equipment could be damaged in that scenario too. Let our experienced advisors provide a commercial insurance policy to help protect your business from potentially expensive claims so that you can stay in business! Give us a call today at 833-359-0725.

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